Thomas Schuhbauer

Dr. Thomas Schuhbauer, born 1969, studied history, English and poltical science in Regensburg, Leicester/GB and Berlin. After having completed a trainee programme he worked as editor, author and director for Multimedia/Cinecentrum/Deutsche Wochenschau group at Hamburg. He received a Ph.D. for a study on Television and the East German Revolution in 1989. From 2000 to 2009 he was producer of Cinecentrum‘s documentary department and was responsible for a large number of documentaries, features and entertainment formats, among them „Meine DDR“ (My GDR, ARD/NDR 2009, awarded the “NDR-Sehstern”), „Die Stählerne Zeit“ (Times of steel”, ARD/WDR/SR 2009) and „Die Bombe“ (The Bomb, ZDF 2009, which received the German Television Award and the RIAS Television Award). Since November 2009 he is producer at ECO Media TV Production. Since January 2020 he is general manager of ECO Media.