Thomas Schuhbauer

Dr. Thomas Schuhbauer, born 1969, studied history, English and poltical science in Regensburg, Leicester/GB and Berlin. After having completed a trainee programme he worked as editor, author and director for Multimedia/Cinecentrum/Deutsche Wochenschau group at Hamburg. He received a Ph.D. for a study on Television and the East German Revolution in 1989. From 2000 to 2009 he was producer of Cinecentrum‘s documentary department and was responsible for a large number of documentaries, features and entertainment formats, among them „Meine DDR“ (My GDR, ARD/NDR 2009, awarded the “NDR-Sehstern”), „Die Stählerne Zeit“ (Times of steel”, ARD/WDR/SR 2009) and „Die Bombe“ (The Bomb, ZDF 2009, which received the German Television Award and the RIAS Television Award). Since November 2009 he is producer at ECO Media TV Production.