ECO Media TV-Produktion

ECO Media TV-Produktion GmbH was founded in 1997 in Hamburg and is collaborating with experienced authors, camera tams and editors, some of them award-winning. Among our productions are outstanding and blue-chip documentaries and reports, covering a vast range of subjects:

(e.g. Helmut Kohl, Angela Merkel, Fidel Castro, Henry Kissinger, Oliver Stone, Joschka Fischer, Jörg Immendorff, Stefan Aust, Countess Dönhoff, ARD series„duels“),

contemporary history
(e.g. „The big crash – the 1929 crisis in Germany“, „Hitler’s money“, „History of North Germany“)

special news reports
(e.g.. „Knights in Shining Armour – How Politicians handled The Crisis“, „City Boy“, „Fight for Opel – Live or Let Die“, „The SPD case- a party’s fight for survival“,

investigative research
(e.g. “Top Agent. The secret Life of Werner Mauss”, “A different story of September 11”,  “The Death of Uwe Barschel -An Endless Scandal”, “FIFA- Power and Morals in World Football”, “The deserters”)

science, research, internet
(e.g. series for ZDF’s Terra X, “Adventures in Knowedge”, “hitec, 3sat”, “Expedition Knowledge – 3sat/ZDF”, “Internet people”)

social and regional reports, factual entertainment
(e.g. episodes for ZDF’s “37 degree”, NDR series “Typical!”, “Can we come with you?”, “Nordreportage”)

publicity film
(e.g. “Wehrmacht exhibition”, “regional museum Lunden”, “Volunteers”)

ECO Media’s productions have repeatedly caused headlines and have won important awards, some of them international. Many productions are on sale world wide.