Volle Kanne, Susanne

In 1999, ECO Media started to produce segments for the daily self-help program “Volle Kanne, Susanne” (ZDF, monday to friday). These contributions are based on real-life cases and deal with day-to-day problems but also with new trends. For example: “Is my child ready for kindergarten?”, “Love at the workplace”, “50 years of VW Bulli”, “Wrinkles bring composure”, “Lomo, a revolution in photography”, “Chaos in the children’s room”, “Tim Fischer, the wonderboy of chanson”, “Friendships between mothers and daughters” and many more. The majority of the pieces are written by Gudrun Brust and Katrin Kammer.

ZDF, monday to friday, 9 – 10 a.m.

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ECO Media TV-Produktion GmbH

Contact: info@ecomediatv.d