Verdammte Fehlentscheidung – The Wrong Decision

Documentary, 30 minutes
Written and directed by Dominic Egizzi

The film potrays people who have risked a lot and lost nearly everything.
While others give up, they risk a new start – with big difficulties:
The apprenticed gas fitter Stefan wants to start his own business with a fitness studio. He takes out big loans for it. In the beginning everything goes well, but then he burns the candle at both ends. Stefan can’t pay his bills any longer and goes bankrupt. Now he wants to make a new start as a singer and entertainer.

Sandra opened a kitchen salesroom with her husband. She is in love and bears the whole risk. All loans, all risks are connected with her name. When the relationship falls apart, the company breaks down too. Sandra has to take responsibility by herself. As a single mother, she scratches along with a part-time job. Despite her bitter experience she doesn’t give up. She has a big dream: her own coffeehouse.

For years, Meta has been working successfully for a trade union.
But her contract is limited in time and she loses the job. Then she makes a fateful decision: she opens a tobacco store. When the shop next door starts to sell tobacco, too, this is the end for her. It is still difficult for her to think of a new start. But surrender? Never!

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