Trend factory. Li Edelkoort predicts the Future

Report, 30 minutes
Written and directed by Katrin Kammer

What will tomorrow’s trends be? How will our apartments look, what cars will we drive, what kind of clothes will we wear? All this is the concern of designers, stylists and advertising experts – and ultimately of consumers too. But where do the ideas for new products come from and who develops these? Li Edelkoort from the Netherlands runs a studio in an old factory right in the middle of Paris where the trends of the future are determined. Here, she and her employees experiment with shapes, colours and materials and offer advice to leading names from the textile, fashion and automobile industries. Li Edelkoort’s predictions of future trends have rarely been wrong. Katrin Kammer visited Li Edelkoort and followed the activities of daily life in her trend factory in Paris.

First Run:
ARTE, 1999

Legal Claim:
ECO Media TV- Produktion