Top Agent. The secret Life of Werner Mauss

Documentary, 80 minutes
Written and directed by Stephan Lamby and Marcus Fischötter

Agent Werner Mauss managed to work in secret for decades. No film footage or pictures of him existed and his name was also kept secret for a long time. And yet he was associated with numerous spectacular criminal cases, such as the scandal about the Seveso barrels, the fall of jeweler Düe in Hanover, the arrest of Red Army Fraction terrorist Rolf Pohle and the hostage crisis of Alfred Schmidt and Rudolf Cordes. Even the German police and the Federal Intelligence Service, with which Mauss cooperated, knew only his codename in most cases. Still they left him alone, as he took over the dirty jobs often enough.

Stephan Lamby and Marcus Fischötter created a film about the highly controversial career of this top agent. It illustrates Mauss’s rise from a petit-bourgeois to a multimillionaire and portrays his operating methods, often on the boundaries of legality.

First Run:
ARD, 1999

Legal Claim:
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