The SPD case- a party’s fight for survival

Documentary, 45 Minuten
Scriptwriter and Director: Stephan Lamby, Klaus Balzer, Karin Rieppel

The defeat at the elections of the Bundestag in 2009 was a traumatic experience for the German socialist party SPD. After eleven years in power hidden conflicts exploded which the public had not noticed before.
Leading socialists talked free-spoken about the desolate condition of their party for the first time. They complained about some back room bargaining of the party leadership. It was even spoken of a “putsch” after the election debacle in September 2009. The in-house critique on the past government policy of the SPD was hard, too. In the centre of the storm was former chancellor and leader of the SPD Gerhard Schröder. Too much had piled up in the past years. How to handle the left-wing party “Die Linke”? Part of the SPD has not yet calmed about the “treason” of its former leader Oskar Lafontaine who had established a rival party. Will they ever bear it down?
And: some top companions were at enmity – and now they are supposed to find a new course together. The film shows a deeply insecure party – a catch-all party in a fight for survival.

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