The Motivationist. Believe in yourself and become rich!

Report, 30 minutes
Written and directed by Stephan Lamby

When Jürgen Höller comes on stage, his fans are already cheerful. Many of them know the slogans of the motivationist by heart; they have read his books and attended his seminars. They consume Höller’s “Power Days” or “Motivation Days” like a drug, the effect of which must be continuously refreshed. And Jürgen Höller has a lot to offer: he combines stock exchange tips, fitness exercises, hypnosis, life advice and pop music to a great motivational show. Secretaries shout enthusiastically, their bosses dance on chairs. The God worshiped here is called success.
Stephan Lamby accompanied Jürgen Höller during a business trip across Germany – from the crisis-stricken province of Hoyerswerda in the East to Dortmund’s packed Westfalenhalle.

First Run:
SAT 1, 2000

Legal Claim:
ECO Media TV-Produktion