The Euro Jumbo. The World’s biggest Aircraft

Report, 30 minutes
Written and directed by Stephan Lamby

When the Airbus makers talk about their A380 (formerly called A3XX) project, their faces light up: depending on the model, the new aircraft will have room for between 555 and 800 passengers on two floors, facilities to work in conference rooms above the clouds or relax in sleeping cabins. A fitness room is planned and so is a playroom for children. The A380 shall become the largest and most up-to-date airplane in the world, and thus break the current monopoly of Boeing, the American aircraft manufacturer. Since 1996 a team of engineers, designers and pilots have been developing in Toulouse an airplane that shall fly far into the 21st century. Extensive wind tunnel tests were carried out, a landing strip for undercarriage experiments was built, and passengers around the globe were surveyed about their flying habits and wishes.

First Run:
ARTE, 1999

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