The Domino Effect. Europe’s Biggest Crisis

Months that shook the world: Ten years after the birth of the Euro the continent´s common currency is in its biggest crises. Desperately Europe´s leaders fight against the fall of the Euro. The united Europe – a project of historic dimension – is at stake.

The trigger of the crisis: The excessive indebtedness of many states of the Euro-zone, particularly the so called PIIGS states – Portugal, Irland, Italy, Greece, Spain. The financial situation of Greece is so desolate that it can cause a domino effect, a deadly chain reaction. Massive effects on other national economies will be the consequence – in Europe and around the globe.

The current Euro crisis relentlessly shows the construction faults of Europe´s common currency: There is no plan for a withdrawal of a member. Obviously Greece and other nations have been able to manipulate their financial data without any sanctions.

Will the Euro crisis blast the whole European Union?

The documentary looks behinds the scene of the crisis management. It focuses on the most important actors, among others Jean-Claude Juncker (chief of the Euro Group), Wolfgang Schäuble (Germanys Minister of Finance), Jean-Claude Trichet (the longtime chief of European Central Bank), Michalis Chrysochoidis (Minister of Economy in Greece), Josef Ackermann (CEO of Deutsche Bank and President of the world bankers association IIF). Also many politicians, trade unionists, investors in Greece, Italy, France, Germany and the US participate in this thrilling documentary.

The film was shot in 2011 in Brussels, Paris, Berlin, Athens, Washington DC, New York City, Wroclaw/Poland, Rome and Milan.