The Desterters. When US-Soldiers Refuse to Serve

Documentary: 45 and 52 min.
Scriptwriter and Director: Michael Wech

For over half a year Carl Webb, lance corporal of the Texas National Guard, has been hiding. The soldier left his division before its provision to Iraq, he is a deserter. Jeremy Hinzman also refused to serve in Iraq. But the young man did not expect his family to go into hiding. He fled over the Canadian border to Toronto. Both professional soldiers await in the US the court-martial and up to five years in prison. Other than Hinzman and Webb, Jimmy Massey experienced the war in Iraq. The soldier was part of the invasion squad and fought at the front line. After his division had killed more than 30 civilians within 48 hours, Massey quit the service due to severe depressions. After twelve years at the Marines he was released because of medical reasons. Today in his hometown he demonstrates against the US engagement in Iraq every day.

Meanwhile several thousand US-soldiers refuse to serve and are on the run. Accordingly the military command works feverishly to recruit new soldiers. The exert pressure on the recruiter grows. Constantly they need to provide the troupes with new soldiers – so called “warm bodies”. The documentary shows the life of the backslide US-soldiers as well as the efforts of the US-army to recruit new blood.


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