The big crash – the 1929 crisis in Germany

The story sounds familiar: on October 24th and 25th 1929 stock quotes at Wall Street collapse. Soon huge amounts of property value are destroyed. Panic breaks out. The message of the “Black Friday” at the Wall Street spreads like wildfire around the world. Germany cannot escape the crisis either. After the booming years of the twenties the economy is hit by its severest slump.

The documentary reports about the crisis after the break-down and how it changed the daily life in Germany. Contemporary witnesses tell how their fathers got unemployed. They report about shortage, hunger, loss of dignity. The greed of gamblers is also an issue. The example of Nordwolle, a company from Bremen, shows how greed and exaggerated risk-taking had lead a business into bankruptcy. The consequence: the credit giving Danat-Bank became unable to pay, a breakdown threatened the entire banking system. And politics? The government did not manage to prevent the crash. On the contrary. It cut expenditures – and heated up the crisis even more. People lost its trust in the young democracy.

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