Stefan Aust. The Boss.

Documentary: 45 min.
Scriptwriter and Director: Stephan Lamby

Although Stefan Aust knows the life in the spotlights just too well he always objected to a detailed TV portrait of himself. So fare. Now, for the first time the Spiegel-boss allowed a camera team to observe him for two weeks. At important conferences, at crisis situation at the head editorial department, at intended or unintended encounters with politicians, and also at his farm at home in Stade.

Thus the portrait of a very power aware man emerged. “We stand at a very big cannon!” Aust ranks his influence with the Spiegel – and openly acknowledges that he has enemies. Stefan Aust looks back at an agitating career. Among others he worked for Konkret and the St. Pauli-News and stood out with his contributions for Panorama. The job as a journalist did not make him cynical but sarcastic. There is no other way to bear his job: “A doctor that can not see blood should change his profession”. Long ago he has arranged his life in two worlds. Alongside of Germany’s most important News magazine he manages his own horse breeding. Aust grew up in the north German province and still spends there every spare minute. “I am actually a farmer!” Regardless what role he is in Stefan Aust is always: the boss.