Shadow of the Jackal. Carlos and the German Terrorists

Dokumentary. 45 minutes.
Written and Directed by Oliver Schröm and Michael Wech

He is called the Jackal and he is almost a legend: “Carlos”, formerly the wolrd’s most wanted terrorist. As a hit man he murdered throughout Europe for the liberation of Palestine and later for Eastern European secret services and dictators from the Near East. The relationship between Carlos, his German wife Magdalena Kopp and Johannes Weinrich was the basis for murder in cold blood and terrorist acts in the 1970s and 1980s. This trio is at the center of this documentary which takes a look behind the scenes. Greed, politics and a complicated love story have lead to terrorist acts. For the first time, people close of the group give insight into the Carlos group.

First broadcast:
ARD, 2002

ECO Media TV-Produktion