Schäuble’s Fall. Inside View of the CDU-Affair

Documentary, 67 minutes
Production: Provobis. Written and directed by Stephan Lamby and Michael Rutz

This documentary reveals the course of events in ‘the greatest crisis in the history of CDU’. Those involved give their opinion on the affair with a previously unknown frankness. The attention focuses on Wolfgang Schäuble(“An incredible game was played, which can only be compared with this ill-fated Herr Pfeiffer from the Barschel Engholm story”). The former party chairman describes the stages of the affair in full detail: how he desperately tried to keep the course of events under control; how he came under increasing pressure; how the dispute with Helmut Kohl escalated; how he was coerced into resigning from office. The crucial statement of the film is that Wolfgang Schäuble became the victim of a conspiracy.

Stephan Lamby and Michael Rutz had exclusive access to the CDU leadership during the affair and created a chronicle of the dramatic weeks. The film was nominated for the 2000 German Television Prize.

First Run:
Phoenix, ARD, 2000

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