Rio de Janeiro. A City of two Faces

Documentary, 45 minutes
Written and directed by Marcus Fischötter

Until a few years ago, Rio de Janeiro was considered a dream holiday destination for many Europeans and Americans; nowadays, however, the throngs of tourists are advised to steer clear of the city. Social problems are no longer under control. Drugs, homelessness and, above all, the high crime rate prevent many travellers from visiting the Sugar Loaf. Rio de Janeiro hasn’t lost anything of its original charm of course. It offers nature in abundance, plenty of bays, long beaches and tropical vegetation. Furthermore Rio is the capital of traditional Brazilian culture, home to samba schools, carnival organizations, nightclubs, soccer clubs and literature. The film illustrates the extreme social tensions in Rio de Janeiro: life in an idyll is also a life in fear.

First Run:
NDR, series: ,,Länder, Menschen, Abenteuer”,
spring 2002

Legal Claim:
Norddeutscher Rundfunk