Postel the Impostor

Documentary, 52 and 30 minutes.
Written and directed by Stephan Lamby

Almost twenty years ago he made the headlines as the “false public health officer of Flensburg”. Allegedly a medical doctor, he calld himself Dr. Dr. Clemens Bartholdy. His real name was Gert Postel, graduated from public school and experienced in distributing letters – as a postman. Postel was an Impostor, who made himself an academic by exuberant selfconfidence and false documents. Since then Postel has been leading a life like in the movies.

For the first time this extraordinary career is being documented ón TV. It becomes clear how the impostor managed to be received by Pope John Paul II.  Postel’s involvement in the affair of Uwe Barschel, former Länder PM, is revealed. The film takes a look at Postel’s activities at a forensic clinic at Zschadraß near Leipzig. For 18 months the former postman worked there as senior health officer “Dr. Postel”, before he was identified by a former colleague from Flensburg.

First Broadcast:
ZDF 2001

ECO Media TV-Produktion