Operation E-Day. A City gets ready for the Euro

Report, 30 minutes
Written and directed by Manfred Uhlig

Transportations are rolling day and night, guarded by police or private security companies. The changeover from the individual national currencies to the Euro is a tremendous organizational undertaking but it occurs in the background, almost unnoticed by the general public. People in European Union countries are not supposed to be made aware of any logistic problems during the introduction of the Euro. The new currency needs confidence in it, and this confidence must not be shaken. Therefore, operation “E-Day”, the introduction of the Euro, shall come and go as quietly as possible. The report accompanies people participating in this action: employees of the regional central bank and supermarkets, vending machine manufacturers, taxi drivers, etc. The attendant circumstances during the greatest currency conversion in European history are observed with the example of Hamburg.

First Run:
ARTE, 2001

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ECO Media TV-Produktion

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