Oliver Stone. Hollywood’s Favorite Rebel

Documentary: 52 min.
Scriptwriter and Director: Stephan Lamby

The film shows Oliver Stone’s agitating life from son of a rich stockbroker, his voluntary participation in the Vietnam War, to becoming the left wing intellectual in Hollywood. With great – also commercial – success Oliver Stone always provokes especially the American audience: for instance with the Vietnam-movie Platoon, the political thriller JFK, the violently grotesque Natural Born Killers. Apart from his work as director Oliver Stone also likes to speak his mind. In the interview he rails against the war politic of George W. Bush, comments on the work conditions in Hollywood, and talks unreserved about his drug experiments. The documentary was shot in New York, Los Angeles, and Cannes and observes Oliver Stone also at the set of his latest movie “World Trade Center”.

Unusually open Hollywood celebrities like Charlie Sheen, Angelina Jolie, Willem Dafoe, Val Kilmer, and Tom Berenger talk about their work with Hollywood’s favourite rebel.


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