Net people

Three-part series, 30 min. each

The series portrays extraordniary internet people from Germany, modern and young personalities who live with and by the internet. How does the web change their lives?

Part 1:
From couch to couch
Author: John A. Kanatara

Ulf Kleinings from Köln  and Talley Hoban from Wiesbaden would have never met if there had been, a network whose member offer sleep-overs for other members. Now they meet for the first time…

Part 2:

Love at first byte
Author: Carsten Binsack

Christiane Schnabel is helping millions of singles. She is working as a psychologist for the internet dating agency Parship and is working out questionnaires for would-be daters. Match or mis-match – by te aid of these criteria Parship has become in its own words leader among Europe’s internet dating agencies. And Christiane Schnabel herself proves that it works – she got to know her husband via Parship. We accompany her and Sybille Rau who is trying out Parship for the first time to find a prince – or a frog?

Part 3:

The man behind mom
Author: John A. Kantara

When Bernhard Finkbeiner and a mate felt a zest for salted potatoes, they failed to know a recipe. They called Bernhard’s mom and there it was. this led him to the idea to set up a website called “” – Ask yor mom. Whatever you asked yourself about the imple things in life, here should be the answer. And Bernhard spares no time to develop his site further, including videos.

First Broadcast: 2010