My Life under Erdogan – Video Diary from Istanbul

In march 2014 Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan blocked the social media platforms YouTube and Twitter in Turkey. The Youtube documentary “My Life under Erdoğan – Video Diary from Istanbul” gives an outline of the protest movement in Istanbul and how the Turkish opposition reacts to the new restrictions.

ECO Media kept close contact with various video bloggers in Turkey weeks prior to the social media ban. The bloggers were present during the protests in Gezi parka and other parts of Istanbul from the very beginning. They filmed the protests with video cameras and mobile phones and uploaded the footage on Youtube – until Erdoğan shut it down. Despite of Erdoğan’s censorship the online community found other ways to share and access information – for example via Facebook and Skype. So ECO Media was able to record various interviews with video bloggers and eye witnesses. They freely give account about the corruption scandals of their government, the course of the riots, the mourning for a 15 year old boy and their fears after the recent local elections.

The interviews and video footage of the bloggers and eye-witnesses form a highly relevant and very personal film – unimpressed by Erdoğan’s censorship.

The 30 minutes film by Anne Breer can be seen on the ECO Media YouTube channel.