Legends – Michael Jackson

Documentary, 45 minutes
Author and Director: Michael Wech

He was the only musician who transcended the word “superstar”. Michael Jackson was more than that, an icon, a worldwide legend and yet an incredibly tragic and irritating personality whose untimely death made the world hold its breath.

Ready to be broadcasted one year after his death, a first-class documentary will take a look behind the scenes. The film tells the story of Michael’s childhood, his affiliation with Jehova’s Witnesses and the difficult relationship with his father. The documentary reveals how the pressure to have success shaped the singer and the artist as a boy in Gary, Indiana – and why he later so insisted on reliving his childhood. How the adolescent Michael coped with early stardom, what role sex played in his teen years, his girl friend, a “nanny” and a befriended photographer tell – the latter two for the first time before the camera.

When he rose to stardom, he sought to find respect and love on stage. But his career seemed to crash when his relationships with young boys were scandalized. The consequent trial took its toll on him, and from that on, his spleen got worse. People who lived with him at Neverland describe some of the surreal scenes with “Peter Pan”, as Michael Jackson envisaged himself.

But, on the other side, he always tried to come to terms with himself. The producers of the documentary have the intimate account of a spiritual counsellor whom Michael Jackson confided his deepest secrets on tape, ranting and deliberating about his “stolen youth” and about the pressure that always was on him. “When I am fifty, I do not want to do the moonwalk any more”, he told one of the interview partners.

When the second child molestation trial started in 2003, he could stand it no more. Worse, his financial situation started to slide into disaster. The documentary reveals the reason for the 2009 “This is it”-tour and its disastrous consequences on his health and stability. “He was very, very fragile. When you hugged him you felt his bones”, his sister La Toya recalls.

The documentary “Michael Jackson” will tell the extraordinary story of an extraordinary life. Private footage, hitherto unseen photos and first-accounts of family members, friends, colleagues and managers will give a unique insight in his complex psyche. The interview partners include his sister La Toya Jackson, his girl friend Theresa Gonzales, his German manager Dieter Wiesner, his fitness trainer Lou Ferrigno, his attorney Tom Mesereau and other first-hand witnesses.

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