Legends: Caterina Valente

Caterina Valente was the greatest star in the entertainment industry in Germany after the Second World War. She recorded more than 1500 song and appeared in more than 1000 shows and films. Her hit “Malaguena” became world famous.
Her success kept on for a very long time. Soon she had an own TV-Show, ‘Bonsior, Kathrin’. Her and Peter Alexander became the new dream couple in the music business. But in the middle of the 60 years the new pop music – the Beatles – would become popular: and also the end for a lot of the pop stars. Also for Caterina Vatente – but only in Germany. For a long time she already had international success.
She sings in 12 languages, speaks 6 of them fluently. And – as one of few German singers – she is a star in the USA. There she makes appearances with Dean Martin, Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye and at the Perry-Como-Show.
In the eighties it became more quiet around Caterina Valente, but she still wins a lot of prices and makes some appearances here and there.
Today she lives withdrawn in Lugano and enjoys her hobbies: cooking, knitting and taking pictures. In our film friends and relatives talk about Caterina Valente: her son Eric, the producer Wolfgang Rademann, her friends Kathrin Brigl and Dionne Warwick, the composer Michael Legrand and many others.

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