Knights in Shining Armour – How Politicians handled The Crisis

Documentary, 45 and 30 minutes
Written and directed by Stephan Lamby

Spring 2009: Germany’s future is on stake. To avoid an economic crash, the government pumps many billions into the marked, socialises banks, completely or partially. The state takes risks which will burden future generations. In a very short space of time far-reaching decisions have to be made. A group of politicians and bankers desperately tries to take control over the crisis. Do their measures work out or will they even tighten the crisis in the long term?

In this situation the most important crisis managers for this TV documentary allowed the camera to watch them from very close up: among them were the former Finance Minister Steinbrück, Chancellor Merkel, former Federal Minister of Economics zu Guttenberg, Federal Bank CEO Axel Weber, Deutsche Bank CEO Josef Ackermann, Jochen and the head of the BaFin banking regulator Jochen Sanio.
In this film nearly all of the crisis managers speak out in an exceptional way.
Their conclusion: “The crisis is partly our own fault.”

“Retter in Not” is a co-production with Cinecentrum/Ulrich Lenze.

In the year 2009, the film was awarded with the “Deutscher Wirtschaftsfilmpreis”. 2010 it was awarded with the “Medienpreis der Initiative Finanzstandort Deutschland (IFD) and “Medienpreis des Deutschen Bundestages”.
Author Stephan Lamby become second on the election for policy journalist of the year at Medium Magazin.

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