Joerg Immendorff -The last Struggle of the Artist

Documentary: 45 min.
Scriptwriter and Director: Hanns-Bruno Kammertöns, Stephan Lamby, Michael Wech

The documentary portrays the artist Joerg Immendorff over the last months of his life – during one of the most creative period of his work even though he was confined to a wheelchair by the neurodegenerative disease ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis). Due to his weakened condition even his doctor doesn’t want to prognosticate the course of the disease.

While Immendorff is working in his studio he shows an astonishing will to live. All the time he is driven by his attempts to reinvent himself as an artist. Immendorff knows that his lifetime is limited. Even though many colleagues assist him, Immendorff claims full control over his work: “There’s no team when it comes to my paintings. There’s only one artist and that’s me. Democracy and voting have no place in artwork. There’s only dictatorship – and it’s my dictatorship.”

Eventually, during the last months before his death, the family of Joerg Immendorff helps him to find to himself. However, even as a person with strong visions and fantasies he doesn’t want to conceive what’s going to await him. “One can gabble on; I can’t imagine this. I even refuse to imagine such things. I assume that we are immortal. End of discussion! Everything else is too scary.”

First Run:

NDR (for Germany, Austria and Switzerland)/ ECO Media TV (for foreign countries)