History of Northern Germany

Six episode documentary, 45 min. each
Scriptwriters and Directors: Ingo Helm and Christoph Weinert

A time-travel through altogether 400.000 years. It starts with the first signs of human life and ends with the moving days of reunification. The NDR-Series “History of Northern Germany” went beyond the scope of usual productions. For three years renown authors and editorial journalists worked archives over, researchers and camera teams travelled the North. Without claiming completeness they have compiled important and exciting stories. Likewise, they have recorded the impressive images and moods of the different regions of Northern Germany. The result is a six episode documentary that has been produces with great effort as well as with computer animations, rare archive footage, scenic reconstructions, altogether more than one hundred performers, handmade masks and costumes.

Part 1: The First Human Beings
Part 2: Fighting for the Coasts
Part 3: In the Sign of the Fire
Part 4: The Hour of the Pioneers
Part 5: The Horrors of War
Part 6: Overcoming Borders

The TV-series was produced with the financial support of the federal state film funds Nordmedia (Lower Saxony, Bremen) and M-SH (Schleswig-Holstein). It was academically backed mainly by the Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel.

In cooperation with the publisher Hoffmann and Campe ECO Media released the book “History of Northern Germany” and in collaboration with NDR Info and the TV Alliance a radio broadcasting series as well as an audiobook and a DVD were published.

End 2005

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