Henry Kissinger – Secrets of a Superpower

Documentary, 90 Minuten, HD
Written and directed by Stephan Lamby

Henry Kissinger is an exceedingly powerful man – until today. Although he is out office for over 30 years now, he belongs to the world’s most important experts in foreign policy. Concerning his past, Kissinger is tacit. Though he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1973 and is still celebrated as a political star, he is still heavily reproached: which blame does he bear for the escalation of the Vietnam War? Which role did he play in the putsch against the Chilean president Salvador Allende? How did he react on the Indonesian invasion in East Timor? Henry Kissinger mostly fights shy of questions like this. For the first time, a documentary film maker managed to convince Henry Kissinger to talk in front of the camera about his life. An exceptional conversation about power and conscience.

In the film numerous top-class contemporary witnesses rise to speak, among them are George W. Bush, Alexander Haig, James Schlesinger, Helmut Schmidt, Norman Mailer and Carl Bernstein. The film uses private super-8 footage from Nixon’s office manager Haldeman and excerpts from the famous Nixon Oval Office tapes – and offers an inconvenient insight in to the White House. The secrets of the super power USE – shellfire, CIA activities, covered travels to the governments of enemies, employee wire-tapping – appear in a new light.

The film was decorated with the Special Jury Award of the Worldfest, Houston and on film festivals in Shanghai, Banff, San Francisco, New York City, Hamburg, Pessac/Bordeaux and Perpignan.

First Run:
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