Helmut Kohl. His last Election Campaign

Report, 45 minutes
Written and directed by Stephan Lamby and Michael Rutz

Helmut Kohl in his last election campaign as a chancellor. The race against Gerhard Schröder is the closest he has ever had in his career. How does Helmut Kohl deal with the situation? Which methods does he use to counteract the media-assisted election campaign of the younger politician? Stephan Lamby and Michael Rutz accompanied Helmut Kohl across the republic during the decisive weeks before the election. Kohl’s wife Hannelore organizes a tea reception in the chancellor’s bungalow – in retrospect, a symbolic gesture of saying goodbye to power. Toward the end Helmut Kohl’s appearance resembles that of a tired warrior. And yet he never stops declaring that he is enjoying the campaign. But some of the old chancellor’s important helpers have abandoned him and so has his instinct for the political mood.

First Run:
SAT 1, 1998

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