GREENPEACE TV. Environmental Magazine

Presented by Sandra Maischberger

ECO Media, together with the environmental organization Greenpeace, has produced six episodes of the GREENPEACE TV magazine. Our reporters documented the smuggling of whale meat from Norway to Japan, the deforestation in Canada, the bloody hunt for sharks off Costa Rica. But room was also given for more background information on other subjects, such as the dramatic decline of alpine glaciers and the gasoline consumption of German automobiles. The magazine proved very successful when – simultaneously with corresponding Greenpeace actions – it drew people’s attention to the fact that chemical softeners were used in children’s toys. Over 25,000 viewers phoned the hotline, and they also participated in the subsequent actions. A few days later the dubious toys were taken down from the shop shelves, in spite of it being the middle of the Christmas shopping season!

First Run:
RTL, 1997

Legal Claim:
ECO Media, Greenpeace, RTL