Fight against the Disease

Documentary series 3 x 45 min.

Written and directed by Klaus Balzer, Heike Schieder, Tina Solimann, Liz Wieskerstrauch

A woman who suddenly suffers from a live-threatening sickness.
A physician who is being informed about the emergency while he is at home.
A scientist who is performing experiments for a new method of treatment.
The fight against a disease is often about hours, minutes.
Important decisions must be made in short time.
Is the interpretation of the symptoms correct?
Are the necessary first-aid procedures being executed?
Is the right doctor being notified?
And later, after the first dramatic hours and days: is the right therapy being chosen?
How can the patient return in his old life again?
Are the correct drugs and methods of treatment available?
How far is science?
When can we hope for an everlasting healing?

Characteristically for this series is that the authors narrate the disease from three different perspectives: from the view of a patient, of a physician and of a scientist. All three perspectives are intimately connected with each other: each disease triggers strong emotions by the concerned people..
At the same time it is often routine for the medical staff and a challenge for the scientists.
The series not only shows patients but also doctors in their private environments – they talk about their fears, their hopes, their methods of treatment.

The series reports about the fight against widespread diseases: apoplexia, breast cancer and cardiac infarction.
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