FIFA- Power and Morals in World Football

Documentary: 45 min.
Scriptwriter and Director: Gerold Hofmann, Dominic Egizzi

2005: Swiss officials are investigating the office of Sepp Blatter, president of the International Football Association, FIFA. For Blatter, this was the worst day during his career “that came completely out of the blue, like a hammer blow”. For a long time, Swiss officials have been investigating an affair connected with the sports marketing company ISL, a former partner of FIFA. Did the ISL bribe important FIFA-officials to secure profitable marketing rights, for example for the FIFA world cup?

The extensively researched documentary closely examines power, ethics and “fouls” of the FIFA. Particular attention is given to FIFA-president Sepp Blatter. How does he manage to save his position in world sports – in spite of numerous scandals? How does he use his tactics, what kind of network does he rely on? The documentary shows FIFA-officials between global visions and fussy struggles for power, men who see themselves on the same level as heads of states or economic leaders, but who are consistently mixed-up with scandals. The documentary asks some important questions: Are important FIFA-officials corrupt? How did managers of the FIFA trick business partners? What responsibility does Sepp Blatter have concerning the very special practices of his association?

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