Fidel Castro

Documentary, 60 minutes
Written and directed by: Stephan Lamby and Volker Skierka

He outlived generations of American presidents, Russian leaders, CIA-directors, exile Cubans. He survived uncounted attempts to kill him. He is still in power: Fidel Castro. An idole, an enemy. Since forty-five years maybe the world´s most controversial statesman. What kind of person is Fidel Castro, what kind of character is hidden behind the facade of an army uniform? Is he a revolutionary or a latin american caudillo? Or just a dictator who is unable to hand over power to the younger generation?

The documentary is a key to Fidel Castro´s mysterous psyche. It describes Fidel Castros life from the early years as the son of a wealthy farmer near Santiago de Cuba and a talented law student in Havanna. It analyzes Castro´s behaviour during the revolution in 1959, his friendship with Che Guevara, the treatment of rivals such as Camilo Cienfuegos and Huber Matos. With unknown details the documentary explains how Castro´s love-hate-relationship to the United States developed, especially to President John F. Kennedy, how he behaved after the end of the Soviet Union and during the recent conflicts with the United States. Furthermore the documentary describes the religious side of Castro´s character, his qualities as a womanizer, his moral convictions, the lack of fear.

The directors of the film took a close look on Fiedle Castro at public events, were able to use unknown archival footage and interviewed, amongst others: Michail Gorbatschev, George Bush sen., James Baker, Aleida Guevara, daughter of Che Guevara; Hubor Matos, Castro’s comrade; Natalia Revuelta, mother of Castro´s daughter Alina; former CIA-agent Philipp Agee, former US-diplomat Wayne Smith.

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