Evil Love. The Stockholm Syndrome

30 minutes
Written and directed by Dominic Egizzi, Marcus Fischötter, Stephan Lamby

Recent Terrorist attacks have shown: Taking hostages has risen in  numbers. Experts are alarmed. A strange phenomenon is observed in hostage crises: On the one hand, hostage often experience extreme fear, on the other they often feel sympathy for the abductor. The So-called Stockholm Syndrome raises questions: How does love go together with fear und safety? Do we all yearn for total dedication?

“Evil Love” i slooking for answers in the field of criminology, psychology and sexual sciences. Three hostages report: A bank manager tells how he felt sorry for the criminal who tried to kill him. Mario and Isabel, terrorist and hostage, reveal for the first time their amour fou, and scientists reveal the reasons and forms of “Evil  Love”.

First broadcast:
ZDF, 23.04.2003


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