Duels – Adidas versus Puma

Documentary: 45 min.
Scriptwriter and Director: Stephan Lamby and Michael Wech

During the World Cup final in 2006, not only Italy and France were struggling for victory, but also their sponsors Puma and Adidas. They were fighting for prestige and market shares.

The duel between Puma and Adidas has begun more than eighty years ago in a laundry in the small town of Herzogenaurach. Adolf, the artificer, keeps on designing new sport shoes and Rudolf, the salesman, makes them a commercial success. At the Olympic Games 1936, Jesse Owens wears running shoes from the Dassler brothers. But during the war, the two families fiercely fight each other. While Adolf has to serve as a soldier no longer than one year, Rudolf stays in military service for a long time. During that time, Adolf runs the business on his own. And this leads to great tensions and serious accusations.

The tensions between the Dassler brothers and their wives become especially bad during the first months after the war. While Adolf is occupied with rebuilding the company, Rudolf is sent to a detention centre. He suspects to have been denounced – by someone of his own family. After Rudolf’s release, the brothers divide their company: Adolf establishes Adidas; Rudolf establishes Puma – on the other side of the small river Aurach. Since that day, the fight between the two quarrelling companies keeps the business and the sporting world fascinated.

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