My Revolution – Video Diary from Kiev

The film “My Revolution — Video Diary from Kiev” focuses on the protests in Ukraine, using only private video-footage and eye-witness reports. What was the goal of the protesters? How did peaceful demonstrations turn into the radical violence? Were the activists surprised by the Russian reaction?

The film highlights the beginning phase of the Euromaidan protests after the refusal of the Ukrainian government to sign the EU Association Agreement in early November 2013. It becomes apparent how the riots between the police and the protesters escalates during the last days of February 2014. Furthermore, after the escape of the Ukrainian government, the crisis on Crimea gets out of control. All of the protagonists are present during the Euromaidan protests in Kiev and reported via Skype about their experiences — a rare glimpse behind the scenes.

The film by Annie Berend, Anne Breer, Nickolay Ovcharov and Marta Werner is now published on the ECO Media YouTube-Channel.