Death in Geneva. The Affair of Uwe Barschel

Docudrama, 30 minutes
Written and directed by Stephan Lamby
Actors: Roland Schäfer (Uwe Barschel): Ole Törner (STERN-reporter Sebastian Knauer)

Saturday, 10th October 1987, Iberia flight 554 on the way of Gran Canaria to Geneva. A passenger, who has only a few hours to live, is on board: Uwe Barschel, ex-prime minister of Schleswig Holstein. With whom does he meet after his arrival in Geneva? To whom does he speak on the phone? What does he try to veil? In his diary, Barschel writes down, he has driven numerous times around the Genevan airport in order to shake off STERN-reporters. After that he met Robert Roloff, an alleged relief-witness. However Barschel’s taxi-driver claims: This description is not correct. I drove him directly to the hotel!

The Docudrama reconstructs the last hours in the life of Uwe Barschel and key-scenes from his unprecedented career. It pursues the question whether Uwe Barschel was engaged with arm-trading and it experienced which adventures in Rostock.

Pro Sieben, 1999

H5B5/Pro Sieben