Between nappies and menopause – mothers in their mid-forties

30 minutes
Directors: Katrin Kammer and Stephan Lamby

The three women had to face strange reactions, as they pronounced they were pregnant. They were warned of a higher health risk and that their children will call them “granny” one day. After all they are in their mid-forties. Nevertheless, they decided to give birth to their babies. Very soon, the pleasant anticipation swept away doubts and fears. But becoming a mother with over forty years means that life will seriously change. A baby will turn the every day life upside down.

Becoming pregnant at an older age is a trend: While the general birth rate declines, it rises with women in their forties. A reason is that the scheme of life has changed. Different from young mothers, women between 40 and 50 do not try to coordinate family life and career any more. Often they have had a successful career and look forward to their new role as a mother.

The directors, Katrin Kammer and Stephan Lamby accompany the three woman between nappies and menopause and show their problems and their happy moments.

First Run:
ZDF. 2003

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