Animal Christmas

Report, 30 minutes
Written and directed by Stephan Lamby and Marcus Fischötter

Dieter Rehders has saved many animals: dogs and cats of course, but also horses, goldfish, and even snakes. He is the head of field operations in Hamburg’s animal shelter, and Christmas is always one of the busiest times of the year for him. Around Christmas, people often abandon their pets on the next street corner or in the park – just because they want to go on holiday without having to think about them. Rehders looks after the helpless creatures, takes them to the animal shelter and searches for their owners. He knows the dark side of being an abandoned pet all too well.

This report looks at the man-animal relationship during the holiday season, observing the issue from many different angles within the environment of a city: the reptile department of a pet shop, the garden of a dog psychologist or a run-down horse stable.

First Run:
SAT1, 2000

Legal Claim:
SAT1, ECO Media